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Well first off I guess I should say, my friends generally call me Brad. I was born and raised in Toronto Canada and now live in Edmonton Alberta. Looking back over my 60 years. I’m realizing that I have had a very eventful life. (as probably everyone has had if they are over the age of 10 *grin*) Anyway I have been told by many folks that I did things a little backwards compared to most people. Most people who have music in their souls are inclined defer to the pressure to get a job. Then secretly dream to be a musician. Since I have always believed in following my passion. I went the other way. I started out at 19 in a band and was a working musician for the next 20 years. Then a very funny thing happened. I realized my passion had changed. I found that my passion was hypnosis and I wanted to go back to school. Just as I was set to go to the states for my training I found the Alberta Institute of Hypnosis. My teacher, Annie Slegton is a world renowned figure in the hypnosis community and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity of doing my training with her. If you think you are interested in learning anything about hypnosis. I highly recommend her facility.

I graduated her master of hypnosis training and also got my certification for clinical hypnotherapist. I opened my clinic and that’s when the universe stepped in. And as it sometimes does, threw me a curve ball.

I was taking a training seminar on hypnotic birth with Dr. David Brown. At the time I was suffering a pinched nerve in my neck. This meant that if anyone talked to me I would have to turn my whole body if I wanted to look at them. Not only was this uncomfortable. It was very distracting. Then on the second day of the seminar we were on a break. A man came up to me and commented on my neck problem and said he might be able to help. He asked me if I had heard of E.F.T. Well I hadn’t and to be completely honest here. I was not thrilled by this situation. At that point in my life I believed there were a lot of  “lunatics” in the holistic field. My first reaction was that I figured he was another one. He told me he knew this technique called E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) and it was based around the bodies energy system. He said he’d had great results with it on situations such as mine and was willing to “work” on my neck. Well here is where it became interesting. I had no expectations that this “tapping stuff” would work. I completely didn’t believe in it. I did want to be polite though as he was a fellow classmate so I told him I would play along. Now with most modalities I have found. If you don’t totally accept them they aren’t effective. That goes for hypnosis big time. You HAVE to want it, expect it and let it happen. With this in mind I expected nothing from his little experiment as I had no belief at all.  Well to make a long story short. Twenty minutes later I had full range motion in my neck. I couldn’t believe it. It actually worked when I didn’t believe in it at all.

THAT got my attention. Big Time! To tell you the truth I don’t remember much of the rest of that seminar. I was consumed with finding out more about this E.F.T. thing. When I researched it. I found out it was as my classmate had said. It was based on the bodies energy meridians and was championed by a gentleman named Gary Craig. He was an ex Stanford engineer that took the teachings of Roger Calahan and modified them to a standard procedure that was easily remembered. Sort of a one size fits all formula. I started looking for trainings and went to everyone I could find. It didn’t matter where it was. I NEEDED to learn more about this miraculous new field. I went to Texas, L.A., Boston, New York , Denver a few times. For the next year and a half anywhere Gary Craig or one of his trusted instructors was doing a training. I went. I didn’t care where it was I needed to learn. And learn I did.

Now I realize that nothing in this world is 100% effective with everybody but it is truly incredible to see. That E.F.T., time after time gets results when nothing else works. In my practice I get results well over 90% of the time……….. Since it is not allowed by the powers that be to say anything about healing or guarantee. I will say that I do guarantee my sessions. If you are not happy for ANY reason. You will not be asked for payment.  It is important for you to know that I am not a doctor. Never have been one. Never even played one on tv. (you know like those guys with the white coats in the commercials asking you to try a drug that they never really tell you what it’s for. I believe their line is  “just ask your doctor if this pill is right for you” *grin*) I have been operating my clinic for over 10 years. If you have ANY questions at all please feel free to email me at hypnoworks@shaw.ca

One comment on “About Me!
  1. Anny Slegten says:

    Hello Brad:
    I came upon your site and found it very friendly and convincing.

    I also saw that you mention my name (Annie Slegton is fine too) as well as the school, and I thank you for your very kind words.

    Bear hugs,


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