So I came across this EFT thing through my trainer and thought it was worth a try but to be honest felt that it pretty much would not work but would give it a whirl. I went for one reason and one reason only and what I found was something completely different altogether. You cannot fix the outward issues (they are just symptoms) without fixing the core issues that lie beneath them.  This experience has been life changing!  Together with the EFT and Brad’s amazing intuition, I found myself delving into things that I thought I had long since dealt with, truth be told I had only buried, but had certainly not dealt with them and so they would rear their ugly head in outward behaviour.  I had done years of counselling and it changed absolutely nothing in my life. It just felt that it was rehashing all the crap and it only left me feeling depressed and hopeless; EFT changed how I think about things completely!  I realise now that you can get over things and feel good about them.  I can think about the death of my mother without this stab of pain,  something that I had been carrying for 30 years thinking that this is just the way things will always be.  You can never get over this stuff you must carry its burden for life.

I still have a ways to go but oh how far I have come, I feel completely different about life and how I interact with it. I recommend this form of therapy to anyone and everyone.  It has changed my life and I know it will continue to, and the beauty of it is you can do it at home or whenever anything crops up.      Sally K.


EFT Who Knew!

EFT has changed my life. It has helped to bring me out of a deep depression that I have been suffering from for years.  Doctors just want to put you on medication that just masks the problems.  Where as EFT helps you get to the core of the problems and deal with them, with no drugs or side effects.  Also, along the way I have become a more confident person and I have also lost 30 lbs.


Delores G.




Hypnoworks is a place that you can go and feel comfortable to be completely yourself. This is important when you are ready to look at your life.

You will get the most out of any type of healing if you trust the person you are working with.  Brad Scott makes you feel safe in your process of healing so you can face whatever comes up, move through it, and release it. The Emotional Freedom Technique that he uses is an amazing way to clear old emotions and something that you can use through your day to day life afterwards. I always feel rejuvenated after a session and have a different view and emotional response to things in my life. I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their life and live it to the fullest,

to go see Brad and have an empowering experience!

-Mary Stevenson


Brad is an experienced hypnotherapist and EFT expert and he deals with the mental side of the fitness puzzle. If you have cravings that seem

unstoppable.  If you are stressed out on a daily basis and food is your drug of choice. (they call it comfort food for a reason you know!) If you fear failing again. Before seeing Brad. All the afforementioned problems were mine. I was to a point where I would rather not even attempt something than suffer through another failure. If you have issues in your past that have led to a conditioned response to overeating. (childhood traumas or a family that wants you fat. I had both) If you subconsciously feel that you need the weight for some form of protection. (this was excuse the pun, “HUGE” with me) Whatever you’re perceived truths might be.  Brads insight, intuition and honesty will help you deal with them and get to the life that you have been searching for.     P. Smith




Before EFT I had an out-of-hand phobia of spiders. I new it was irrational but all I could think of when I saw one was that it would eat me. If it was too small to do it alone it would get all of it’s spider buddies to help out. I knew this was crazy – spiders don’t swarm, they are independent and they generally don’t eat human beings. But my fear clouded my judgement and that’s all I could think of. My fear started at a young age and was always something I had to deal with. Going through elementary school, classmates would play with spiders, and in high school the biology teacher had a “pet” tarantula in the class; so I never took biology! I am now a teacher and again have to deal with my students bringing a spider close up to my

face and saying “look! isn’t it cool!?” and having to control my want to run and cry and scream.

After one session with Brad, my classroom had their yearly visit from the “Bug Guy.” He always brought a tarantula for students to

hold and look at – I usually stayed home and let my team teachers deal with that day without me. This year I stayed for the whole presentation – which involved more spider friends then the one big guy- and once my kids were dismissed for recess I TOUCHED the tarantula. I did cry because it was overwhelming, but I touched it. Me! I couldn’t believe it!

More recently I went on a vacation to Jamaicawhere I was lucky enough to look up and see around 500 banana spiders covering two palm

trees. I calmly stepped away with the rest of my family (they are poisonous after all!) and I stayed calm!

EFT has changed my life. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I can finally live my life without being terrified that a spider will get me and I can stop constantly worrying if they are near me. Another strange thing was I also had a crazy fear of clowns. I couldn’t watch Stephan Kings “IT” without being paralyzed and crying. That fear also went as when I went home and watched it I found it to be just a terribly

cheesy movie that made me laugh…. EFT is an amazing modality!


-Morgan Nadeau


I am in awe of the growth, change and healing that I have experienced through EFT. My first introduction to EFT brought about an immediate attraction to the power and instantaneous relief/healing that happened.  However, I also experienced an avoidance to continue and that was very disheartening to me on many levels.  At that time, my gut was telling me that there was some far deeper healing that needed to occur so that I could continue on my journey. That is when I came across Brad.

I need to briefly share that I have no idea how I found him as I have gone back  and tried to locate him online, and was never able to.  Hence, I chalk it up to another awesome way that the Universe looks after you – it was meant to be.

I was so pleased at how quickly we established an excellent and trusting working relationship . The experience has been amazing! I am now able to continue my own joinery of tapping with EFT




Hi!!! Thank you so much. You know, when I walked in there I thought it was going to be a bunch of bullshit and I was completely wrong. I really, truly loved talking and learning from you. You gave me a new perspective. That is mind blowing to me because of how skeptical of a gal I am. I will most Definitely be calling you soon. You have a client for life. I truly felt safe and willing to accept this method of healing/growth. It’s super weird for me to accept that I have changed my mind so quickly. I still kind of think you’re a hippy ( hahaha )  but we will work through that. ;) Thank you so. So. Much. you gave me some vital tools to help cope. I am so happy you will be part of my life  #themoreyoutapthebetter

-Jayne A.




Brad I just want to thank you for the last session on my fears – over the weekend I was out quite a bit and surprised my friend who takes me for groceries how I was no longer holding onto her arm when doing any walking – even more when I walked over to the several places with lots of space around me while she sat in her car – thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and God Bless you in your chosen career and my friends are all so delighted – spreading the word !!!!!! – Anne

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